The world can look depressing and cruel sometimes. Even though various features of life are exceptional, of course there are some that create heartache and sadness. I think we all have to accept the good with the bad. After all, we’ll never know what it’s like to live in a utopia. One aspect of life as we know it is disease. You can’t imagine the despair caused by cancer. Millions of human beings are affected with cancer and unfortunately it’s in the gene pool. Therefore, there’s no way to prevent cancer completely. You can try your best to live healthy and stay fit, but it won’t absolutely prevent the big C. One thing you can do is to get as much cancer information as possible. The more you know, the better off you are.

My aunt and her husband both died from cancer. They lived on a farm where pesticides constantly polluted their drinking water. I know what you’re thinking; this is not the first time this has occurred. I guess others have been affected in this very same way. When I think about it it’s sad, because the right cancer information could have prevented this tragedy. What you know can truly save your life. As far as my aunt and her husband were concerned, they just found out too late.

What I have trouble understanding is how they didn’t know they were at risk. Fields around their home were routinely sprayed with chemicals and they drank water from their well. Not city water. It baffles me to this day. In the 1990s, this sort of cancer information was available. All they had to do was look at their position. Something that’s nearly impossible not to do these days.

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