Diabetes is caused by a disorder in which a person’s body has a problem in the way food used for energy and growth is digested. To maintain our energy levels glucose is moved around the blood stream to the cells and muscles etc. Diabetes stops this energy supply and forces it to remain in the blood creating further problems. It is essential that the glucose is absorbed into the body but this condition creates high levels to accumulate in the blood.

Information on Diabetes

There are two main types of the condition, Young people (sometimes older) are liable to contract type 1 diabetes which occurs when the body stops producing insulin,daily injections of insulin are needed if the diabetic patient does not want to die. The body uses insulin to ensure the glucose can be used by the body which in turn converts into energy. Adult onset diabetes affects older people as the name suggests but differs from type one,it results when the body either cannot produce enough insulin or does not use the insulin it makes properly.

diabetic Food List

To stay alive we need energy, something which is supplied in abundance by everyday foods like various pastas, bread, potatoes, rice and fruit for instance. Many health conditions can be caused by long term high blood sugar levels including: poor vision, heart complaints, problems with the kidneys and in some cases even limb amputation. The importance of managing your diabetes condition cannot be underestimated and with a disciplined approached these serious conditions can be improved,then many of the conditions associated with this condition can be slowed down considerably if not stopped altogether. It is possible to live a relatively normal life provided you stick to the plan laid out by your doctor,it is very important that you don’t smoke and maintain your blood glucose levels, cholesterol and other blood fats within your target range.

Hypoglycemia and Low Blood Sugar

Apart from this, your blood pressure and weight should not go above the limits your doctor advised. Diabetes once recognized in the sufferer will be with them for the rest of their lives,5 million sufferers. Studies suggest that it is not the whole story as experts believe there are as many people again that have the disease that have not yet been diagnosed,there are more than 600,000 new cases every year so the situation is worsening. It is a worrying fact that while 34,000 American citizens die each year as a direct result of diabetes, another 320,000 die that have the condition where it may be an underlying reason.

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