Diabetes and obesity go together as two of our biggest killers. Diabetes is the sixth most common cause of death in the United States and the primary cause of diabetes is obesity.

Although diabetes is treatable with proper glycemic control and insulin regimen, it’s estimated that about a third of diabetics have never been identified and therefore are never treated. So, the the question to ask is how do we prevent this mass epidemic and how can those disposed to diabetes and obesity reduce the risk of death and sickness in their future?

The solution is not complex. Reducing one’s sugar consumption, daily exercise, nutritional supplementation, and improving overall nutrition will multiply one’s chances of a long healthy life. It sounds easy but as we “foodies” know, it’s not quite that simple. We just have to make up our minds is it more important to fill our bodies with sugar laden goodies or to have a few toes amputated in the future?

For many years, diabetes has simply been thought of as a relatively benign sickness of the old, but now people of younger and younger ages are becoming affected. Diabetes is the primary reason adults go blind. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes has the possibility, for the first time in over a hundred years, shorten Americans life expectancy.

Eventually diabetes will affect us all, whether it is taking care of relatives with the health problems or simply paying the higher insurance premiums and taxes. In this couch potato society in which we live, there has been a sharp rise in cases diagnosed worldwide. So, what can we do to stop this and to call attention of this problem?

Besides what we have already talked about, we also need to inform people to get a regular checkup by a doctor. Some signs that you could have undetected diabetes are frequent urination; wounds that will not heal; extreme constant thirst; recurring skin, bladder, and gum infections; numbness in hands and feet; blurry vision. Even though you may not experience any of these symptoms, do not think that you’re safe.

A change of lifestyle will have to be made to prevent the disease from possibly invading your future. Studies show that nearly 60% of newly diagnosed cases could have been prevented or at least greatly reduced if the person had simply lost some weight. In this day of fast food and little or no exercise, it can be hard to make the choice to eat responsibly and get enough of exercise. Everyone has their excuses but we need to give them hope that it can be done and ideas of how to start.

As a country we can curtail the epidemic of diabetes and obesity but only if we get the word out and encouraging those who are eating themselves to poor health

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