As a diabetic who is trying to lose weight, it is not only important what you eat and how much but what you eat together too. Foods react differently together and for optimal performance and the best affect on your blood glucose level there are a few guidelines that should be followed.

Each meal should contain a balance of protein and carbohydrates, Fats are OK, but only in moderation. Most of the foods that a diabetic should have will fall under the grouping of carbohydrates. Some of the healthy sources of carbohydrates for diabetics include:

  • Dairy Products
  • Bread
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Fruits
  • Grains

To reduce blood sugars and lose weight, a diet where carbohydrates are counted and

High fiber carbohydrates can help you in two ways: by keeping blood glucose levels down and making you feel fuller for a longer time.

The protein which you have at each meal helps to balance out the rise in blood sugar which can be caused by carbohydrates. Protein will also provide more satiety, so you’ll be less likely to snack in between meals. Lean protein is the way to do (for example, avoid fried meats and remove the skin from chicken before eating).

By eating a healthy diet with the right amounts of protein and carbohydrates, you can keep your diabetes under control while losing weight. Be sure to get regular exercise and you’ll lose weight and feel more energetic.

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