The world of networking will mourn the loss of our greatest star and coach.

He truly made a difference in thousands of lives throughout the world.

Bob Schmidt has gone to heaven and is in perfect peace and joy.  But we are stunned, shocked, and sadder than words can possibly express.  He is missed and will always be missed because as Ed Johnson said, “Bob was larger than life.”

There are men who are born and live their lives so quietly that scarcely a leaf is overturned during their journey here.

There are those who love and are loved by others, and they walk gently amongst the leaves, picking them up and sharing their beauty within that close circle of those they love.

There are others who live for themselves, without caring or noticing the joys or plight of others.  They crush the leaves beneath their feet.

Then there is Bob Schmidt, a man who stopped to study the leaves, admiring how uniquely God has made each one, and with loving hands he lifted them up, touched and admired them, and then tossed them high in the air, letting the wind catch them and carry them on a new journey to fall upon others so that they, too, might marvel at their uniqueness.

Bob shared what he loved.

Bob loved deeply and was in turn deeply loved.  He is the man who saw leadership hidden deep inside of others, others who were unaware themselves of what greatness Bob would help them discover.    Bob was particular, Bob was disciplined.  Bob was demanding.  But why?  Because he knew more about the potential of others than even they did and he wanted to teach them to dig down and reveal it.  He did it for them, for us, for countless others who have gone forward and passed Bob’s Legacy on to others.   He was our Simon Cowell of critics, straight forward, to the point, direct, not mincing words, but absolutely right on in his criticisms and observations because he cared and because he was Bob.  And it was his opinion and approval that we sought.

There was another side of Bob Schmidt.  Bob was a true friend.  A loyal friend.  A man of integrity and character in a world where these attributes are rare.  There was the gentle Bob that I saw cuddle a tiny puppy in his arms and fill the puppy with his love.  He looked like a proud little boy, tenderly holding this tiny bit of fluff, his newest best friend.

He loved those he took under his wing, he loved this industry.  Bob was one of those rare individuals who didn’t need to jump on a stage under the spotlight to validate himself, instead he stood back and let those he taught take the limelight, he was enormously proud of the honest achievements of others.  Bob was forever the student, observing, learning, honing his skills, and he was a voracious reader, a book always nearby waiting for him to ferret out the good lessons contained therein.  He was the hardest teacher.  He was the best teacher.  He was the teacher that will always be remembered with love, admiration and respect.

Bob loved his family.  He loved Barbara, his wife, with all his heart and soul, and those that knew Bob had never seen him happier or more content then when he was with her.  He would look at her and it was impossible for him to contain his love and admiration for her, it spilled forth from the softness in his eyes.  The honeymoon was never over for Bob and Barbara.  Bob would want us all to rally around his beloved Barbara, help her through these most difficult of times, letting her know that her friends, her XanGo family, will always be there for her, sharing her sorrow and lifting her burden.

Bob loved life.

Bob was a fighter. He defeated cancer and emerged stronger and more resolute than ever.

Bob was undoubtedly one of the greatest Leaders XanGo and this industry has ever known.

But Bob was not content to sit alone upon that throne of achievement.  Bob wanted to pull us all up there to join him, to drink success deeply with him.

Bob has gone on to take a journey that we all must one day.  But we can say that his days upon this earth were productive, meaningful, and influenced thousands and thousands of others in the most positive way.  He made every day of his life count.

Bob left his imprint upon the leaves and lives he touched and he scattered them with intensity and deliberation all around the world so that all would see and all would believe that they, too, could emerge and become greater then they ever thought possible.

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