Being grateful for what you have doesn’t mean you’re satisfied with how things are now. You show gratitude for your life by creating from what you have now, not cursing the challenges or temporary limitations. If you’re stranded on an island and need water, food and shelter, you don’t curse the rain, or the coconut for being out of reach in a tree.

You make a tool, chop down the tree, create a shelter with it, eat the coconut, drink it’s water, and use the empty shell to capture the rain so you can drink on a sunny day… as you sit comfortably under your shelter on that rainy day. Be grateful for what you have. Create what you want next from it.

Instead of judging your progress by what others have, or what you don’t have YET, measure your progress by how much you’ve done today to move forward (did you work on your action plan?)

If you don’t have a clear action plan to physically manifest your life purpose, goals and plans, how long will it take to get to work on one? This is how a skilled deliberate creator measures their progress (a deliberate creator is someone who continually creates the outcomes they want to see next personally, financially and in contribution to others—while being at peace and filled with gratitude for what they have now, at the same time).

Movement is part of the human experience. Creating a better experience is part of it too. Be grateful for the opportunity and the tools in your reach. This is what has been taught by the wisest of all the cultures from the beginning of time. Try it! No longer focus on what you don’t have.

Focus on what you have and create something new with it! Design your life experience, in gratitude. Move!

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