Let’s begin by listing some food items that you should avoid. While there
are over 100 different types of arthritis, they all have one thing in common.
One or more ofthe food items listed will be an “allergy food” for the arthritis

The most common culprits are:

– sugar
– caffeine
– citrus
– salt
– red meat
– dairy products
– additives
– soft drinks
– corn
– flour

Some have said that nightshades are a problem. They are not.
This is an old myth that has been going on for years.

This is the list.

– eggplants
– red peppers
– tomatoes
– white potatoes
– tobacco

If you do eat any of these foods, pay attention to any reaction you
might have in the next 24 hours. If you notice a reaction, you are
indeed allergic to that food item.

Society Factors

If there are two major factors that we could examine in the past
50-60 years that has lead to an increase in the numbers of
people who suffer from arthritis, it would be these:

1. Sugar has become a major part of our daily diets
2. The consumption of soda pop has become widespread.

Let’s talk about soda. It is difficult to believe but every time you
drink a (regular) soda, you are consuming 11-13 teaspoons of
sugar. (Some of you may remember that old trick of putting a
penny in a glass  of soda. It corrodes that penny to the point of
virtual destruction.) In short, soda is not somethingthat you should
be drinking on a regular basis if you are concerned about arthritis.

Food Labels

Read the labels contained on the foods you are buying in your local
grocery. Be especially careful and avoid as much food as possible that
contains preservatives and/or additives. (Take an extra careful look at
labels on ice cream and candy for example.) The more natural your diet
in terms of the food you eat, the greater your chances are of defeating

Prepared Meals

Those meals you buy that can just be “popped” into the oven are also
something you should avoid if possible. Some contain as much as
1200 mg of sodium and as much as 60 mg of cholesterol. (You might
consider some of the other health factors at play here and not just your

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