Natural Skin Care Tips

In these lean economic times, we are all cutting back as much as possible. However, our skin is the largest organ of our body and should not be ignored. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive name brand products to keep your skin looking great. There are a number of natural alternatives to keep your skin smooth and looking younger each day.

Acne Treatment

Use organic products

Many skincare products contain harmful chemicals that were first sprayed on the plant before it was ever harvested for product purposes. Organic skincare products have no such toxicity. Your deodorant, cleanser, facial toner, sunscreen, shampoo, body wash, perfume, soap, lotion, and massage oil are all things you put directly on your skin. From there they are absorbed into your blood stream. The last thing you want is harmful bacteria entering your body for you to fight off later!

Natural Acne Cure


Many of us keep a bath brush or loofah in our showers, but how many of us actually use them? Gently rubbing away dead skin cells each day allows the skin to detoxify and increases blood circulation. It is also calming to the nervous system as well.

Try homemade products

There are lots of great “recipes” available online for facials and other skincare products that you can make at home with various ingredients you might have in your own kitchen. Since you’ll be making the product yourself, you can be certain that there won’t be any harmful chemicals that will cause your skin undue irritation. Some common ingredients in homemade skincare recipes are honey, pineapple, spinach, carrots, guava, radishes, strawberries, milk, and tomatoes.

Cure for Acne

Improve your Diet

Your skin often reflects exactly what you eat. Skin disorders like acne, rosacea, and psoriasis are often accompanied by gastrointestinal problems like constipation. The reason for this is sufferers of various skin irritations often don’t get enough water throughout the day and don’t consume enough fiber. Apples, cauliflower, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, beans, legumes, and flaxseed are all great sources of fiber. Also try substituting whole-wheat grains for your usual refined flour. Avoid excess sugar as this actually causes wrinkles. People that suffer from eczema or acne can benefit from essential fatty acid intake. Fish, such as salmon or sardines, are a good source of “good fat.” If this doesn’t suit your tastes, try taking a fish oil supplement instead.

Get Moving

Inactivity can cause puffiness, bloating, cellulite, and lack of muscle tone. So, improve your skin by keeping fit. Take a walk. Get a massage. Join a gym. Take a break and stretch every hour.

These natural skincare tips may not cure every skin problem you might be dealing with, but they’re worth a try. You might be pleasantly surprised with the end results.

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