So who do you believe when it comes to acne prevention? The truth is, there is so much mis-information thrown at us that many sufferers end up being a confused mess and none the wiser about clearing up their unwanted skin condition.

Myths abound in this area and true, some work pretty well but seriously, the majority don’t and in fact, can cause more harm than good. For starters, getting rid or on top of an acne issue is hard enough without putting up with confusing remedies. The best course of action is to talk to your local doctor who can refer you to someone trained in acne prevention.

From there, you’ll work out a plan of attack conducive to your own situation. You see, a lot of myths in preventing acne get started because something may work for one person temporarily and before we know it, it’s the new magic solution.

The Face Washing Myth

One of the most common myths concerning acne prevention is that you can head off a breakout by washing your face more often. While it is important to keep your skin clean to prevent acne, washing your face too often will lead to dry, irritated skin that can cause your breakouts to be even more uncomfortable that what they normally are.

While clean skin is important, you need some of the natural oils that are produced by your skin to be healthy. These oils will help to keep your skin soft and supple, and may even help reduce the irritation that is common with severe breakouts.

Are Antibiotics Friend Or Foe?

Even though it is possible to get bacteria in acne that already exists, antibiotics or other antibacterial agents are not effective in preventing acne. The main reason that dermatologists and doctors prescribe antibiotics for acne is that, especially with severe acne, it is possible for the cysts to become infected from bacteria in the atmosphere, which you are exposed to each and every day.

The truth is that taking tons of antibiotics can cause problems later, when the antibiotics will no longer work to combat infections. Using antibiotics for acne prevention is not only ineffective; it can also have many harmful side effects. It is usually better to save antibiotic and other anti bacterial treatments for those times when you really need them, rather than trying to use them to cut off a breakout.

Does A Good Diet Really Work?

While you may have heard conflicting advice about diet and acne, there is some connection to the foods that you eat to the health of your skin. As with all other types of acne prevention cures, using your diet to control acne may work for some people and not for others. The only way that you will know if your diet is causing your acne is to try a modified diet, and see if your breakouts clear up.

Luckily, using your diet to help in acne prevention is one of the only things that you can use that does not have any harmful side effects, and can even help you become healthier overall.

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