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X1Concept Mission Statement

X1Concept is a NON Profitable website made for XanGo Distributors by XanGo Distributors. The purpose of this website is to give new XanGo distributors that join the X1Concept system a clear and simple guideline on achieveing unlimited success with XanGo.
“We are building a global organization dedicated to improving the quality of life worldwide. We distribute, share and provide services around this unique mangosteen product with other people at a profit which is in harmony with the law of compensation.
These products and services are created and marketed with like-minded people who share in our purpose: to live and work in a prosperous environment that encourages productivity, so that we may improve the service we render to our family, our company, our community, our nation and, ultimately, the world.”
– Francisco Balbontin, Founder X1Concept

Esther McElfish says:

Ooopsss! Just saw my msg. & realized typo! Please correct my typo on your name…Francisco… and accept my apologies!
With Joy, Esther McElfish

Esther McElfish says:

Greetings,Francisc! I just “stumbled across” your website as a result of a link posted with the FABULOUS NEWS about Lennon joining XanCo!I had signed up w/XanGo 5 yrs. ago,went to 1K, but didn’t have the proper training, got burned out, and left XanGO. This year, begain to hear about all of the fabulous changes going on, plugged in again, & have signed up again as Distributor. Getting ready to go FULL SPEED ahead! Absolutely LOVE your website, and the tremendous SPIRIT of SHARING, encouragement, committment, and great LOVE of this business and people that just radiates through it!! I’m looking forward to meeting you soon at one of our fabulous XanGo events, & do let me know if you are ever heading to TEXAS! We’ll give you a BIG TEXAS welcome!
Esther McElfish – Ft. Worth, TX

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