In General Session II of THRIVE ‘09, XanGo Founder and Chairman Aaron Garrity held high the banner of living, hoping and thriving. With the unique perspective of someone who has been with XanGo since it was just an idea, Aaron used his experience to unfold a success story brimming with hope.


Calling upon his own collected “List of Misfits,” including names like Galileo, Mozart, Lincoln and many more of history’s most influential people, Aaron portrayed what can’t help but come across as a very human side of greatness: “When you look at these names, images of greatness come to mind—people who really changed the world for the better. Yet they each had weaknesses; some of them had great weaknesses. But they didn’t let that stop them. They changed the world anyway. Edmund Spencer said, ‘And he that strives to touch the stars, oft stumbles at a straw.’”

In his own ascent to personal success, Aaron has seen a few very simple secrets that can keep greatness within arm’s reach of those striving to grab at it. His characterization of hope was especially moving: “I can tell you, the space between having the faith to begin the dream and actual achievement is hope. Hope fills that great chasm in between and walks with us toward what can be—what will be. But it takes work.

“There is a very subtle difference between fear and hope. And yet that difference is everything. Hope makes a very modest claim. Hope simply says, ‘It’s possible…. your dreams are all possible.’ It’s worked for somebody else … why not you?”

He related this perspective to his own XanGo experience by reminding all Distributors what XanGo once was and the dreams it was established on.

“I remember when we created XanGo, when XanGo was founded. Our dreams were to create the ideal network marketing company: the one that would pay the most, the one that would have a product that people would race to have, the one that would change our industry, even the one that people could be proud of.”

And, with that in mind, that viewpoint—one shared by he and the rest of his founders—laid the groundwork for what XanGo has gone on to become. Yes, it’s a billion dollar brand in 34 countries with a massive Distributor force behind it, but, at its core, it’s a company of dreaming, a company of serving, a company of healing.

“There’s not another company like it in all the world,” he said.

Aaron challenged all within the sound of his voice to strive to look past their weaknesses and become something more; he asked Distributors to dig deep inside themselves and discover there are no actual limitations in this business.

“There’s such a fine line between fear and hope. There’s such a fine line between success and failure. Sometimes it just takes a little decision that will go on and change the lives of men and women forever. Will you make it?”

And, finally, directing the XanGo Nation specifically, he posed inspirational answers to that very question. May they resound in the minds and hearts of all who heard them.

“Where there is fear, you must be the hope. Where there is darkness, you must be the dawn. Where there is despair, you must be the future.”

Truer words were never spoken.

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