A new marketing revolution

Education and dialogue have been key components in XanGo’s creation and advancement of the mangosteen supplement category worldwide.  In October 2007, XanGo introduced XanGo.TV the first brand-centric video sharing site at this level in the marketplace.

XanGo.TV is a big hit with over a million visitors already.  Distributors and consumers worldwide are producing, sending and sharing XanGo.TV videos about their experiences with the mangosteen and XanGo Juice.

XanGo.TV is dedicated to broadcasting the XanGo lifestyle by providing visitors an inside view of real-life stories and insights. With a library of videos and podcasts, visitors can chronicle the genesis of the mangosteen supplement category creator as it evolves to a surging global market.

In 2008, XanGo hosted its inaugural XanGo.TV Awards Show, recognizing the best video entries from distributors around the world. The Top 10 winners from among more than 200 entries and from more than 20 international markets who put their XanGo stories and inspirations into short films were honored during a 20-minute online broadcast event at www.xango.tv.

XanGo is intent on continuing to lead the market as the worldwide leader in mangosteen-based products. Supported by the success of the direct sales model, XanGo is one of the world’s fastest growing companies and will continue to set high goals for its corporate innovation and charitable work.

*Based on internal research

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