Want to get rid of acne the natural way? It can be done. In fact, natural acne treatment is often more successful in the long and short term than taking medication. You just have to make some changes in your lifestyle and especially, your diet.

Step 1 – Planning

Read this article through then sit down and think about whether you are prepared to make all or some of the changes that we describe. Write down exactly which changes you plan to make, how and when. Then talk it through with whoever cooks your food, if you don’t do that yourself.

Don’t skip this step! It is the most important. The main reason for people failing to cure or control their acne, after they know what they need to do, is that they did not plan.

Step 2 – Diet

Here you will cut down or cut out processed foods, sugar, fatty foods and dairy products.

First, cut out soda completely, either sugared or diet. Drink fruit juice or water instead. Water is great for your skin. Aim to drink 4 pints of water spread through the day.

Then start to make healthy choices in other areas of your diet. Avoid french fries and potato chips. Choose steamed vegetables instead of stir-fried. Eat fresh fruit for snacks. Nuts are fine too in small quantities. Cut out or cut down on refined sugar. Buy some gum that is 100% xylitol to deal with any sugar cravings and give your teeth a break.

Cut out dairy products completely if you are sensitive to them – many people are. Have yourself tested for dairy intolerance by a dermatologist or run a 2 week no-dairy test to check. If you are sensitive your skin may break out worse than ever in the first week during detox, but it should be much improved by the end of 2 weeks. Take a calcium supplement to ensure you don’t suffer from any deficiency.

Step 3 – Keeping It Clean

Although cleanliness is important in stopping acne from spreading, the main causes of acne are internal (diet and hormones). That’s why this step comes last.

– Change your pillowcase often – every day if possible. Or turn it one day, and replace it the next, so you never sleep on the same side two nights.

– Try not to touch your face without washing your hands first. Itches will soon go if you do not scratch.

– Massage the face gently with clean fingertips. This will stimulate the skin and help it to clean out pores.

– For men who have acne in the beard area, use clippers to shave instead of a razor to avoid aggravating the skin.

– Use natural cleansing products such as apple cider vinegar (check for allergies first).

These 3 simple Tips have helped many people to get rid of acne naturally. Will you be the next?

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